At you can follow every step of your purchase process and the delivery of your products. 

Phone purchases are accepted Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 hrs. 

Online purchases are available 24 hours a day, our days close at 11:00 hrs of the corresponding business day or the one immediately after. 

Urgent deliveries have an additional fee and have to be requested through our Call Center (+562) 884 4303.

DELIVERIES ARE MADE ONCE PAYMENT HAS BEEN VERIFIED, either by a deposit or through credit cards.

Viceversa Limitada and/or retains the right to cancel purchases in cases where customer's information is incosistent with the accreditation requirements asked by the financial institutions. 

Customers agree with the Sales and Delivery Terms and declare to have read them.

Customers can buy any and all products available in our catalogue. Chile has no quantity restrictions. For foreign countries we abide to each country's politics and the current commercial agreements between this respective countries, regarding alcohol entry.

Deliveries are made to the address customers provide during the purchase, either in Chile or other countries and the reception of products has to be by whoever was designated to receive them.

Every product has been singled with its according weight in order to exactly determine delivery fees and minimize the costs.

If a client cancels his/her purchase for personal reasons and the payment was made through Webpay, the refund will be made to the cardholder's name and a cancelation fee of 3,5% will be applied. 


Products will be sent with an order, issued by the delivery company, which has to be signed accepting the correct purchase order. Customers or anyone that receives the purchase, have to check that detailed products match the order that was made, and that packaging as well as content are in good conditions. If the packaging is in bad conditions, customers or the receiving person, has to immediately complain to the delivery company. If products are defective, customers or who receives on their behalf, has to notify through email in the first 24 hours following the delivery, to, in order for the manufacturer's guarantee to apply. Every exchange has to be with the receipt or electronic bill. 

Information contained in is provided solely for commercial and information purposes. Information, as well as content and updating of this site is provided by our suppliers and manufacturers, and they may suffer errors or inaccuracies.

Every purchase has an electronic bill or receipt, a copy of this will be attached during delivery and will be sent through e-mail.


Transfer/ Deposit: You must transfer or deposit the exact total amount for your purchase to: 

  • Account Holder's Name : Viceversa Ltda.
  • I.D Number : 76.275.340-5
  • Account's Number : 000-72471-08
  • Bank's Name : Banco de Chile
  • Account Type : Cuenta Corriente
  • E-mail : 

In order to generate delivery of products, please send a copy of the payment voucher to

The purchase order will be issued once funds in our bank account have been confirmed and released.

Credit Cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express and Magna through the Web Pay Plus payment system. The card's information is handled directly by Transbank S.A. through the Web Pay Plus payment system.  The purchase order and the later delivery will be issued after payment has been verified. 

BBVinos Gift Cards, apply only to list prices. restrains the right to refund a purchase through the webpay system, if the delivery can't be made personally to the cardholder, or we can't contact the customer to confirm the transaction. 

Paypal: We abide to the entity's terms and conditions.   

Electronic Bills (Facturas): customers must express in the comments section of your purchase that you need an electronic bill and the respective information. 

Returns are not available once the product has been phisically accepted and the customer, or the recipient on his/her behalf, confirms the reception. We suggest you check products once you get your package and don't accept it if it presents any alterations. 

You can cancel or edit your order at any moment, before it has shipped.